Raising Awareness For Literacy, Texas Authors Institute of History to Host Book Festival and Reception in Dallas, Texas


I am a member of this important group and a proud supporter of the Texas Authors Institute of History where we  are thrilled to announce that Author/Songwriter, Mike Blakely will be our Honoree Chair for the annual author reception gala scheduled for October 6 as part of the Lone Star Book Festival events.

Mike Blakely is a two-time winner of the Western Writers of America’s Spur Award – for a best western novel of the year and best western song of the year.

He has published 18 books with major New York City publishers.Mike’s most recent book is titled “A Song to Die For,” releasedNovember 2014. Some of his recent releases were co-written: One with Willie Nelson (A Tale Out of Luck), and another, “What Are The Chances” with Kenny Rogers, (released Sept. 2013).

As a performing songwriter, Mike has released 11 CDs, performed all over the U.S., and made 16 tours to Europe. His songs have been recorded by Alan Jackson, Gary P. Nunn, Red Steagall, Flaco Jimenez and Raul Malo, John Arthur Martinez, Randy Brown, Geronimo Trevino III and Johnny Rodriguez, Johnny Bush, Pauline Reese, Debbi Walton and others. He is currently in the studio recording his next CD.

A native Texan, Mike served in the U.S. Air Force and later earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.He published his first novel in 1988 and his first CD in 1995. One of his co-written tunes landed on a Grammy Award-winning album by Flaco Jimenez in 1995. Another was played on the orbiting International Space Station in 2007.

The Texas Author’s Institute of History’s Author reception will be held Friday, October 6, 2017, at the Main Street Garden park in downtown Dallas, Texas. Mike will perform songs from his latest CD as well as some of his classics. All proceeds will benefit the Texas Authors Institute of History museum ― a museum like none other, that saves Texas Author’s history one book at a time while supporting future writers in grades 6-12 through their Texas Short Story writing contest.
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Join Mike Blakley for the author reception and then come back for the Lone Star Book Festival that is truly about independent authors and their books. Spaces are still available for this two-day event on October 7 & 8, 2017 that will be held at the Main St. Gardens Park. To learn about the event and to sign up, please visit their website: http://lonestarbookfest.com

Tickets are now on sale for $25 per person, or group tickets here: http://texasauthors.institute/index.php/features/author-reception


Texas Women’s Coalition for Donald J. Trump

I was supportive of the massive group of ladies marching on Washington DC until it turned into a witch hunt.  Madonna seriously needs to stfu We should  recall her outrageous table top book and constant publicly grabbing her own pu–Y!!!   I can confirm there are more than a million women in this country that didnt march and couldn’t march who do not feel this way or allow women like this to influence them and I feel like giving Hollywood the middle finger.

Speaking of strong women who care about women rights… I recently had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of dynamic women from the state of Texas and Nationally that support Mr Trump and whom are officially the Texas Women’s Coalition for Donald J. Trump.

The pre election and post election coalition is comprised of smart, dynamic professional women.  These women work tirelessly to connect with pretty much every person in the United States in order to talk about Donald J. Trump for President and his efforts and  goals to Make America Great Again.  These women organize rallies, street sign parties & media events.

The coalition is choc full of leaders!  One wonderful woman who has a very full plate is Katrina Pierson seen regularly on National News setting fake news reporters straight about the facts around Donald J. Trump and his agenda.  Also leading our Texas team were a few good men, people like  Joshua Jones, Eric Mahroun and everyone’s local hero Mr. Paul Lemmon. Paul is always there in the trenches helping us keep things rolling along .

The support was strong and it was impressive during the primaries and the election and has carried forward to post election drama.  I have to say that when I wrote the thriller Waking the Dragon which is a novel about a corrupt US Presidential election I never imagined I would be involved in the very election scenarios I wrote about.

Stay tuned ..

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Welcome to Washington Donald J. Trump

It has been a long road to the White House and Donald Trump has learned a thing to two on the path to becoming President and leader of the Free World.   I welcome him as the new President and I welcome a long overdue emergence of law and order and the overload of Political Correctness has to be finished and done.  I welcome secure borders and I welcome all of the economic greatness that is coming back to America.  I welcome Donald and Melania Trump and know that we are going to be Great and the new leaders will Make America Great Again.  I have the pleasure in knowing a few of the new staffers and leaders and I am convinced that they have the knowledge and integrity to get things done for this country, things that have not been done for a long time – if ever.

Unfortunately the fake news is out in full force in order to try and ruin our new President and his wife’s reputation.  Everyone in the media writing BS about them should be ashamed of yourselves. If you have ever had #fakenews written about you -YOU might know what if feels like.  I personally know what #FAKENEWS feels like –  And I know that people who are jealous like to write fake news about you.  With that said Mr. & Mrs. Trump  I welcome you and congratulate you along with my millions of fellow #deplorables.  MAGA.

2 cents on immigrants of all shapes sizes and economic backgrounds legal and illegal:

Photo: Pamela Martin &  Jeff Sessions (US Attorney General) RNC Convention Dallas Texasimg_9869 -Immigrants today have to understand how fortunate they are to have the benefit to come to America, and while you are at it, it would be great to keep in mind the fact that YOU left your birth country to come here for a better life. Whateaver the reason you came here  you should  contribute to have a better life by supporting keeping the borders safe.   So, when you are spewing about your newly found, bought or otherwise married into citizenship, consider the opinions of natural born Americans and  take into consideration just why you left your birth country in the first place?  Was it for an education and you never went back?  Was it to find a husband or wife? Was it for a medical reason? Political upheaval?  There are many reasons people immigrate legally and illegally.   Consider the feelings of those that were born in America and how they feel about illegal immigrants ranting and protesting. Wake up people illegal immigrants are “using” our hard earned  tax dollars on entitlements, bad ideas and pushing their bs agendas.  Agendas that wont benefit you in any way.  I support keeping tax dollars and entitlements for the elderly and vets.

Personally I feel America can sleep better at night knowing that #DonaldJ.Trump is their President. He won because the majority of this country agree with him and are now happy he is doing what he promised.


Pamela Martin Member of Texas Association of Authors



Waking The Dragon.US

Pamela Martin is an American author from Texas. Her writing is driven by her interests in politics, conspiracy and global espionage; topics that are shared vividly in her thought provoking stories.

The series is full of twists and turns and has an unpredictable maze of multidimensional scenarios that will keep you fully engaged as the story’s protagonist draws you deeper into her epic adventure.

In both novels Hard Whispers & Waking The Dragon, the author Pamela Martin explores “hot button” political conspiracy and espionage while intertwining a heroic story of an inspiring young woman, Russian orphans, Presidential elections, Hybrid vaccinations and National secrets that are in jeopardy.

The Hard Whispers series guarantees to take the reader on a fast paced journey with the book’s main character Pamela Graham, a young woman who has realized she has a multitude of reasons to keep uncovering the truth~ you can hear Pam’s political commentary regularly on many talk radio stations nationally.  Check her Twitter@hardwhispers for schedules.
Radio interview online at: https://soundcloud.com/user-783083760/dear-texas-radio-show-22-pamela-martin



More Cyberbullies Caught and Fake News Reporter Ife Blount of the defunct blog Ifelicious & Carl Henegan Caught in a Web of Lies

Top Quote There is nowhere to escape from the laws that protect people from harassment and Pamela Martin supports the fight against online bullying and cyber harassment. End Quote
  • Dallas, TX (1888PressRelease) August 03, 2012– Pamela Martin  is an accomplished fiction author, global marketing executive, and TV personality. She has worked on various television projects with the Style Network since 2009. She is associated with various groups and clubs in Dallas, Texas where she has a very soft corner for the social cause.   For quite sometime, Pamela has been criticized by jealous cyberbullies. Bullies that want to spread fake news and lies.  There has been a cause waged by insanely jealous people to discredit Pamela Martin. Specifically by Ms.Ife Blount Walcott author of a defunct blog  Ifelicious (has 47 followers).  Ife Walcott Blount of Milwaukee WISCONSIN friends with swindler Carl Henegan and former stalker blogger Meritt Patterson of Dallas TX.  This group are as low as they go when it comes to creating and spewing fake news.
  • Finally the truth is coming out.
  • It is said – ‘Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood’. There is nowhere to escape from the laws that protect people from harassment and she supports the fight against online bullying and cyber harassment. Read settlement remarks below from a cyberbully who posted public lies about Pamela Martin Duarte.
  • Settlement Response to Pamela Martin From Terri Hernandez, July 12, 2012″Apology is one of the hardest words in the English language. When you realize that you’ve made a mistake and you have hurt other people in the process you owe it to those people to make amends. On February 25, 2012, registered on D Magazine’s Front Burner Blog under the username of Dr. Hamilton, Kimberly Smith and I made a few untrue posts about Pamela Martin  (“Pamela”). The statements made by me about Pamela are not true. I had no basis for making such outrageous allegations. In fact, I mistook Pamela for another woman who I used to be acquainted with the same name.“I am truly sorry for the harm that my false statements have caused to Pamela and her family. I encourage those who engage in cyberbullying to think about the harm that their Mean spirited acts caused to those that they attack and to stop.”


World renowned architect/designer Mario Bellini shares his delight and design at Scott+Cooner in Dallas

IMG_2497 IMG_2500 IMG_2479 IMG_2477 IMG_2475 IMG_2470 IMG_2503

Lloyd Scott and Josette Cooner hosted a wonderful program at Scott+Cooner in Dallas, Texas that I was able to attend with my pal Maxine Trowbridge.  It was a treat to meet Mario Bellini and hear his vision and learn about his path to greatness.  Thank you for your insight and great design  – hope you love your official Cowboy Boots!



DIFFA Dazzles Dallas Texas with Pamela Martin walking the runway for HIV/AIDS in a Jay Strongwater Jacket & Halston gown

DIFFA Dazzles Dallas Texas with Pamela Martin walking the runway for HIV/AIDS in a Jay Strongwater Jacket & Halston gown

Dallas does it best and what I am talking about is fun raising while fundraising! Dallas supporters of DIFFA celebrated 50 years recently at the spectacular Dallas Omni.  The show produced by Rhonda Sargent Chambers was an amazing music fest and a look back at the fabulous 50 years of DIFFA Dallas. Pamela Martin Duarte, Chairwoman Emerita of the Luxury Marketing Council walked the runway along with many other festive guests.  The event was graciously hosted and emceed by Mr. Chuck Steelman and his partner the dapper and fabulous Scott Kehn.


Waking The Dragon a  Political Thriller by Pamela Martin

Waking The Dragon a Political Thriller by Pamela Martin

Pamela Martin  is a political thriller author from Texas. Her writing is driven by her interests in conspiracy and global espionage; topics that are shared vividly in her thought provoking stories.

Hard Whispers is a fast paced thriller that richly portrays hot button political issues in a very interesting layout of scenarios.

The series is full of twists and turns and has an unpredictable maze that will keep the reader fully engaged as the story’s protagonist draws you deeper into her epic adventure.

The second book in the series is Waking The Dragon.


The LA Auto Show Was A Treat for Pamela Martin  Chairwoman  of the Luxury Marketing Council of Texas – Who Loves The Idea of Electric Super Cars

The LA Auto Show Was A Treat for Pamela Martin Chairwoman of the Luxury Marketing Council of Texas – Who Loves The Idea of Electric Super Cars

The spectacle was just that “a spectacle” at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles where Pamela took a few family members along to see what the hype was all about. A very special bonus was seeing a certain +La+Clippers player

We began with the “Concept” division which was THE most outstanding display of machine and good looks put into a motor vehicle – we couldn’t get enough AND loved pretty much everything we saw.

The list of fabulousness goes on forever and Ive got photos to prove it.  Take a look at some of these new concepts we were blown away by:

Audi Quattro Sport

BMW Concept X4

Cadillac Elmira

Ford Edge

Honda Hydrogen FCEV

Infinity Q30

Jaguar C-X17

Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG

Mercedes Benz GT6

Nissan Nismo copy-3.jpg?w=650″ />ImageImageImage