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Kite Surfing: Ride Like The Wind On A Kite in Spain – An Overview of Funtime Summertime Hi Jinx by Pamela Martin

Kite Surfing is a sport which if brave enough to attempt will bring you thrills of a lifetime. 

Kite Surfing. The Large “Mountain” in the Background is the “Rock” of Gibraltar.

The South of Spain is known as “The Wind Capital of Europe”.  Even though we all know there is a lot of wind and “hot air” in other places, my wish is to be able to ride it like you can in the south of Spain. Tarifa Spain is the southernmost point of the continent that sits directly across the Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco with Africa lying only 10 miles away across the Met. Tarifa is an old Moorish settlement of Roman origins where the old walled-in town’s main attraction is the “Guzman El Bueno” medieval castle.

Today, Tarifa’s narrow cobble stone streets are where some of the worlds top windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers from across Europe meet. There are many restaurants, surfshops and bars in town. The Moskito bar is where you can find some of the best Mojitos and Caipiriñas in town. A few miles outside town are the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia in Bolonia which is also a good kite surf spot as well and well worth a visit.

While in Tarifa you should take the time to ride one of the fast ferries that cross the Met strait in about half an hour to Tangier in Africa.  Tarifa is also the gateway to Los Alcornocales Nature Park, Spain’s largest cork oak forest and one of the largest in the world. Cork trees are very interesting trees that almost look like the beloved olive tree says Pamela Martin Duarte.

Tarifa is ideally located between the glitz and glamour of the Costa del Sol, on the Mediterranean side of Malaga running East to West on the A7 which takes you through the province and the wild, solitary beaches of the Costa de la Luz, on the Atlantic side of Cadiz. In the photo, I shot above the large “mountain” in the background is actually the “rock” of Gibraltar.

Kite Surfing is a sport which if brave enough to attempt will bring you thrills of a lifetime.  I would recommend 8 to 10 days of training in order to feel fully sufficient for this sport. Anyone can do it provided you have proper training and take same time out of your busy schedule!  Carpe diem y’all!

God Bless Those Who Take The Broken Roads That Lead To The Alhambra

In Granada Spain the Palace Alhambra is a historical spectacle that has been in existence for over a thousand years.  Vamos A Ver!

The Alhambra

On a rocky hill that is difficult to access, on the banks of the River Darro, protected by mountains and surrounded by woods, among the oldest quarters in the city, the Alhambra rises up like an impressive castle with walls and a mote that prevent the outside world from seeing the delicate beauty they enclose.

Originally designed as a military area, the Alhambra became the residence of royalty and of the court of Granada in the middle of the thirteenth century, after the establishment of the Nasrid Kingdom and the construction of the first palace, by the founder king Mohammed bin Yusuf bin Nasr, better known as Alhamar.

Throughout the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, the fortress became a citadel with high walls and defensive towers, which house two main areas: the military area, or Alcazaba, the barracks of the royal guard, and the medina or court city, the location of the famous Nasrid Palaces and the remains of the houses of the noblemen who lived there. The Charles V Palace which was built after the city was taken by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 is also in the medina.

Calligraphic Decoration:

The walls of the Alhambra are full of calligraphic decoration, cursive and kufic writings with sentences such as “Only God is victor” (apparently by Zawi ben Zirí, founder of the Nasrid dynasty) and poems by three poets of the Court of Granada, Ibn al-Yayyab (1274-1349), Ibn al-Jatib (1313-1375) and Ibn Zamrak(1333-1393), who were secretaries of the royal chancellery and prime ministers. Among them, Ibn Zamrak is considered to be the most brilliant of the poets of the Alhambra.

The Walls of Alhambra


Here I will share a passage from one of my favorite poems of the Alhambra:

Poem in the Hall of the Two Sisters

I am a garden adorned by beauty:

My being will know whether you look at my beauty.

Oh, Mohammed, my king, I try to equal

The noblest thing that has ever existed or will ever exist.

Sublime work of art, fate wants me to outshine every other moment in history. How much delight for the eyes!

Viva Espana!

Summer Fun with the Coolest Top Trends:

Pamela Martin Duarte, Chairwoman, Luxury Marketing Council Texas shares some coolest gadgets which she personally likes during summer especially when she is traveling…

Photography is Alive and Well…Say Cheese:
Who said film photography was dead? Definitely not Lomography, whose Lomography Spinner 360-degree camera lets shutterbugs take a full 360-degree photo with a flick of the wrist.

This camera uses standard 35mm film to capture super wide angle images that are four times longer than standard landscape pictures. This super cool camera has a pull string and operates with traditional “old school” 35mm film.

Keep in mind due to the size of your photographs you may need to invest in a modest dark room to develop your images if you don’t have a local camera shop equipped with dark room services.

Armored Cars for Unwelcomed Jealousy:
Let me start off by reminding you readers that there are very bad people in this world… Some cowardly hide behind fake profiles on the internet while other like-minded cowards are on the streets terrorizing innocent people by all sorts of means, one of them being heavily armed.

Like it or not, this reality has created a robust market for Armored Vehicles.  Today driving an armored car doesn’t have to be like piloting a city bus. One of my favorite armored cars shares all the qualities I have come to love about fine automobiles: style, luxury, speed, beauty—and they’ll repel an RPG attack by any of your global haters.
The Swiss group Rijck specializes in creating armored limousines. Their masterpiece is their fully armored Maybach 62S. Rijck provides B6 protection on their Maybach, which means it will shrug off an attack from a high powered sniper rifle fired from 10 meters.

The Swiss have managed to create a perfectly protective car without changing the exterior or interior appearance of the luxurious Maybach so you can be rest assured that you’ll be able to drive through a heavily armed ambush without spilling a drop of that 1972 Rothschild Chateau Lafite you’re enjoying in your hand-polished sterling silver champagne flutes while waiving tootaloo from inside your protective shell.

World’s First Designed Focused Electric Bike:
Riding has never been more fun. Experience the joy of gliding down the street on a YikeBike which in my opinion is much more fun and easier to handle than a Segway.

The YikeBike is a world’s first of its kind in design, application & technology. Weighing just around 10 pounds, the YikeBike is the smallest folding electric bike in the world. With the ability to fold up or unfold in just 15 seconds they travel at 15 mph so you will never have to worry about being stuck in traffic again! To know more about Pamela Martin Duarte and her articles on London Travel Tips and European Travel tips, read other articles here in this blog.

Top Trends for Summer Travel in Europe: Pamela Martin

Top Trends for Summer Travel in Europe: Pamela Martin

It’s Summer time. Let’s hit the road with Bentley and the new Convertible GT.

Ok- you may not live the jet setting, bourgeois lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dream…

Since I am hoping for Spain to win the Euro Cup 2012, I thought it might be a good idea to direct you from Gibraltar along the Met coast of Andalusia to Marbella. Imagine driving this awesome Bentley along the culinary riviera while stopping to sample local fare along the way… I recommend you to stop in San Roque for lunch at one of my favorite Argentinean Steak House and Polo fields where your trip down the autopista would remain incomplete without having a meal with Evo and the gang of Asador Cancha los dos. Cancha II is located directly on the Alaya Club polo grounds.

Once you have fallen in love with the breathtaking polo fields and restaurant you should continue your lovely drive between the sea and mountains on  Autopista 7 westward to Marbella where you can relax for a night within the lush grounds of  one of Spain’s finest private 5 star resorts The Marbella Club.

The Marbella Club Hotel is 5 star resort situated on a private beach in Marbella, Spain. Guests have included Ava Gardner, Global Royalty, Audrey Hepburn, Pamela Martin-Duarte,  Cary Grant and Laurence Olivier to name a few.  Enjoy Viva Espana!