Kite Surfing: Ride Like The Wind On A Kite in Spain – An Overview of Funtime Summertime Hi Jinx by Pamela Martin

Kite Surfing is a sport which if brave enough to attempt will bring you thrills of a lifetime. 

Kite Surfing. The Large “Mountain” in the Background is the “Rock” of Gibraltar.

The South of Spain is known as “The Wind Capital of Europe”.  Even though we all know there is a lot of wind and “hot air” in other places, my wish is to be able to ride it like you can in the south of Spain. Tarifa Spain is the southernmost point of the continent that sits directly across the Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco with Africa lying only 10 miles away across the Met. Tarifa is an old Moorish settlement of Roman origins where the old walled-in town’s main attraction is the “Guzman El Bueno” medieval castle.

Today, Tarifa’s narrow cobble stone streets are where some of the worlds top windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers from across Europe meet. There are many restaurants, surfshops and bars in town. The Moskito bar is where you can find some of the best Mojitos and Caipiriñas in town. A few miles outside town are the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia in Bolonia which is also a good kite surf spot as well and well worth a visit.

While in Tarifa you should take the time to ride one of the fast ferries that cross the Met strait in about half an hour to Tangier in Africa.  Tarifa is also the gateway to Los Alcornocales Nature Park, Spain’s largest cork oak forest and one of the largest in the world. Cork trees are very interesting trees that almost look like the beloved olive tree says Pamela Martin Duarte.

Tarifa is ideally located between the glitz and glamour of the Costa del Sol, on the Mediterranean side of Malaga running East to West on the A7 which takes you through the province and the wild, solitary beaches of the Costa de la Luz, on the Atlantic side of Cadiz. In the photo, I shot above the large “mountain” in the background is actually the “rock” of Gibraltar.

Kite Surfing is a sport which if brave enough to attempt will bring you thrills of a lifetime.  I would recommend 8 to 10 days of training in order to feel fully sufficient for this sport. Anyone can do it provided you have proper training and take same time out of your busy schedule!  Carpe diem y’all!


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