Andalusia’s Twisted Sister

I have been such an explorer this Summer and beginning to feel a bit like a conquistador! My latest find sits high upon a dizzying gorge via a twisted road north of Malaga.  Ronda was founded in the 1700’s and is a city in the Spanish province of Málaga. Ronda was first settled by the early Celts, who, in the 6th century BC, called it Arunda. Later Phoenician settlers established themselves nearby to found Acinipo, known locally as Ronda la Vieja, Arunda or Old Ronda. (Note: I do not believe or support bullfighting.)

American artists Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent many summers in Ronda as part-time residents of Ronda’s old town quarter called La Ciudad. Both wrote about Ronda’s beauty and their collective accounts have contributed to Ronda’s popularity over time. Below I have shared a stunning gallery of images that show the beauty of this amazing Spanish city. What a view!


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