Nudity is Good…Just not at the Beach!!!

Beachcombing – The Nudity in Spain Stays Mainly at The Beach!

A few friends and I took a trip over to the Fuerte Hotel in Estepona for an afternoon of beachcombing. I’m a very open person and don’t mind much but when we stumbled upon a gaggle of naked men I covered my eyes and changed my mind about the presence of public nudity once and for all… not before I shot a couple of memorable photos.

Hotel Fuerte Resort in Estepona Spain

The Fuerte resort was lovely, it was lacking a little in the ambiance department however the views of the sea and cliffs were great~  :p

Below is a list of all the nudist beaches in Cadiz, Andalusia, according to Las Mejores Playas.

Nudist Beaches in Cadiz, Andalusia

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Pamplona Running of the Nudes


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