Rock and Roll in Gibraltar

I decided to visit the ROCK while in the south of Spain and it was nothing like I expected.  The “rock is an alluring place for travelers both young and old. You will find mimes in the street, fish and chips on every corner and lots did I say lots of duty free shopping! There are tours to the top of the Rock where there is not a chance you will slip past all of the monkeys! A little bit of history about Gibraltar-  Gibraltar was transferred from Spain to the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1713 after the War of the Spanish Succession. The Rock is home to around 250 crazy Barbary Macaques monkeys.  There is also an impressive labyrinthine of tunnels throughout the entire property that attract a large number of curious tourists each year.

We drove over and had an afternoon with the monkeys and enjoyed a great find of fish a chips for lunch.

The Air Field -Runway (literally) that is the line of Gibraltar aka la linea that separates Spain from Great Britain.


2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll in Gibraltar

  1. Really is a ‘small world’. I was in the very same place a little after you in Aug 2012 and have similar pictures on my Facebook. I have family that live in GIB so I try and go over a couple of times a year. The rock is something else as are it’s numerous tunnels. Did you do the cable car? I’ve not been brave enough for that one yet! I love it there and indeed great fish & chips (outside of the UK that is). It’s proximity to Spain is an added bonus, within minutes you’re walking into another country & culture.

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