Philanthropy At Its Finest and A Celebrity Waiter Luncheon at the Ritz Carlton

The Celebrity Waiter Luncheon for Family Gateway is annually the talk of the town and people did we live up to expectations this year! This high energy, high-profile event takes place at the Ritz Carlton ballroom, which is where those that support the gateway converge to let it all hang out literally…Pamela Martin Duarte joined a room full of fellow celebs to bring out the fun and games in the name of charity.

I love this annual event and am very proud to support this organization said Pamela Martin Duarte, Chairwoman Emerita for the Luxury Marketing Council.  Every year along with many friends and local colleagues we come together for the homeless families of Dallas. I am personally touched by the fact that on any night, 3,000 children are on the streets of Dallas.

All in all we are here to have fun and raise money for Family Gateway and all the celebrities look forward to entertaining guests and having a fantastic time on behalf of this worthy cause.

Ok readers fasten your seat belts here we go!

Pamela Martin-Duarte, Jackson, Rhonda Sargent-Chambers and the ever so charming and hilarious Steve Kimball

As the celebs’ official “cocktail hour” I mean celebrity waiter event got underway my dear friend D’Andra Simmons introduced her new boyfriend, Master Sergeant Jeremy Lock to everyone.  Jeremy is a six-time winner of the Military Photographer of the Year. Sorry to report women but with all the madness going on, Matt Nordgren was in the hallway getting friendly with the lovely Sydney Kaplan.

Matt and Sydney
Dallas Cowboy Mark Colombo with One Life to Live actor Ty Treadway
Fans of Family Gateway

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