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Pamela Martin Member of Texas Association of Authors


Waking The Dragon.US

Pamela Martin is an American author from Texas. Her writing is driven by her interests in politics, conspiracy and global espionage; topics that are shared vividly in her thought provoking stories.

The series is full of twists and turns and has an unpredictable maze of multidimensional scenarios that will keep you fully engaged as the story’s protagonist draws you deeper into her epic adventure.

In both novels Hard Whispers & Waking The Dragon, the author Pamela Martin explores “hot button” political conspiracy and espionage while intertwining a heroic story of an inspiring young woman, Russian orphans, Presidential elections, Hybrid vaccinations and National secrets that are in jeopardy.

The Hard Whispers series guarantees to take the reader on a fast paced journey with the book’s main character Pamela Graham, a young woman who has realized she has a multitude of reasons to keep uncovering the truth~ you can hear Pam’s political commentary regularly on many talk radio stations nationally.  Check her Twitter@hardwhispers for schedules.
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More Cyberbullies Caught and Fake News Reporter Ife Blount of the defunct blog Ifelicious & Carl Henegan Caught in a Web of Lies

Top Quote There is nowhere to escape from the laws that protect people from harassment and Pamela Martin supports the fight against online bullying and cyber harassment. End Quote
  • Dallas, TX (1888PressRelease) August 03, 2012– Pamela Martin  is an accomplished fiction author, global marketing executive, and TV personality. She has worked on various television projects with the Style Network since 2009. She is associated with various groups and clubs in Dallas, Texas where she has a very soft corner for the social cause.   For quite sometime, Pamela has been criticized by jealous cyberbullies. Bullies that want to spread fake news and lies.  There has been a cause waged by insanely jealous people to discredit Pamela Martin. Specifically by Ms.Ife Blount Walcott author of a defunct blog  Ifelicious (has 47 followers).  Ife Walcott Blount of Milwaukee WISCONSIN friends with swindler Carl Henegan and former stalker blogger Meritt Patterson of Dallas TX.  This group are as low as they go when it comes to creating and spewing fake news.
  • Finally the truth is coming out.
  • It is said – ‘Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood’. There is nowhere to escape from the laws that protect people from harassment and she supports the fight against online bullying and cyber harassment. Read settlement remarks below from a cyberbully who posted public lies about Pamela Martin Duarte.
  • Settlement Response to Pamela Martin From Terri Hernandez, July 12, 2012″Apology is one of the hardest words in the English language. When you realize that you’ve made a mistake and you have hurt other people in the process you owe it to those people to make amends. On February 25, 2012, registered on D Magazine’s Front Burner Blog under the username of Dr. Hamilton, Kimberly Smith and I made a few untrue posts about Pamela Martin  (“Pamela”). The statements made by me about Pamela are not true. I had no basis for making such outrageous allegations. In fact, I mistook Pamela for another woman who I used to be acquainted with the same name.“I am truly sorry for the harm that my false statements have caused to Pamela and her family. I encourage those who engage in cyberbullying to think about the harm that their Mean spirited acts caused to those that they attack and to stop.”
  • Judgement imposed by Dallas Courts against Carl Henegan 77036. Judgment Defendant Carl Allen Henegan also goes by the names Carl Henegan and Carl A. Henegan, Judgment Defendant Carl Henegan’s birthday is September 3, 1966. Judgment Defendant Carl Allan Henegan’s driver’s license number and his social security number are not readily available. Judgment Defendant, Carl Henegan, was duly served with Plaintiffs citation and Fifth Amended Petition, naming him as a Defendant, on or about November 24, 2012, by private process server.  The Court rendered a  judgment against Defendant Carl Henegan.
  • Judgment was rendered against Defendant on December 18, 2013, in the amount of Two-Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($200,000.00) in damages, plus court costs. Prejudgment interest on the actual damages was awarded at the rate of five percent (5%) per annum from the date the suit was initiated until the date of the judgment, December 18, 2013.
  • Post-judgment interest was awarded at the interest rate of five percent (5%) per annum, from the date of judgment until the judgment is paid in full. There is now still due on this judgment the amounts set out above to date owed to Mrs. Martin is $260,000 plus court costs totaling a whopping $410,000 and counting.