Texas Women’s Coalition for Donald J. Trump

I was supportive of the massive group of ladies marching on Washington DC until it turned into a witch hunt.  Madonna seriously needs to stop.  We should be able to recall her outrageous table top book and publicly grabbing her own pu–Y!!!  Please leave being a world leader to those that know how.  I can confirm there are more than a million women in this country that do not allow celebrities who know nothing about economics and global affairs to influence them in any way and I am feeling right now like giving Hollywood the middle finger for a while.

And speaking of strong women who care about women rights… I recently had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of dynamic women from the state of Texas and Nationally that support Mr Trump who are officially the Women’s Coalition for Donald J. Trump.

Our coalition is comprised of smart, dynamic professional women who do not take no for an answer. These women worked tirelessly to connect with pretty much every person in the United States in order to talk about Donald J. Trump for President and his goals to Make America Great Again.  These women organized rallies, street sign parties, watch parties, media events and most fun  we organized enthusiastic poll watchers  nationally.

We are choc full of leaders.  One being the fearless & wonderful Katrina Pierson who by the way can be seen regularly on National News setting fake news reporters straight about the facts around Donald J. Trump and his agenda.  Also leading our Texas team were  Joshua Jones, Eric Mahroun and everyone’s local hero Mr. Paul Lemmon, who was always there in the trenches helping us keep things rolling along .

The support was strong and it was impressive.  I have to say that when I wrote the thriller Waking the Dragon which is about a corrupt Presidential election I never imagined I would be involved in the very election scenarios I wrote about!

Sit with that for a minute won’t you.

Stay tuned ..

Pamela Martin img_7546



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