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World renowned architect/designer Mario Bellini shares his delight and design at Scott+Cooner in Dallas

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Lloyd Scott and Josette Cooner hosted a wonderful program at Scott+Cooner in Dallas, Texas that I was able to attend with my pal Maxine Trowbridge.  It was a treat to meet Mario Bellini and hear his vision and learn about his path to greatness.  Thank you for your insight and great design  – hope you love your official Cowboy Boots!




Public apology given to Pamela Martin Duarte by local women and a couple of venomous bloggers for fabricating and publishing untrue stories about her

July 12, 2012

Apology is one of the hardest words in the English language. When you realize that you’ve made a mistake and you have hurt other people in the process you owe it to those people to make amends. On February25, 2012, registered on D Magazine’s Front Burner Blog under the username of Dr. Hamilton, Kimberly Smith and I made a few untrue post about Pamela Martin Duarte (“Pamela”). The statements made by me about Pamela are not true. I had no basis for making such outrageous allegations. In fact, I mistook Pamela for another woman who I used to be acquainted with that has the same name.

I am truly sorry for the harm that my false statements have caused to Pamela and her family. I encourage those who engage in cyberbullying to think about the harm that their Mean spirited acts caused to those that they attack and to stop.

Terry Hernandez

Settlement Response from Dena Miller and public apology to Pamela Martin-Duarte
—  Pamela and Dena respect each other as strong, opinionated, intelligent Texas women who are both well-regarded professionals and philanthropists. Dena believes that women can be their own worst enemies and desire to not contribute to or participate in a game of destruction. Instead, seek to act as a positive force for women in the Dallas community and beyond. Pamela and Dena further deplore the cyber bullying that has become common throughout the country and that has manifested itself within the Dallas community. Cyber bullying, especially by anonymous individuals, is destructive to the victims and the community as a whole. Dena is sensitive to the harm that Pamela has suffered and supports Pamela’s efforts to protect her reputation and good name against the false comments posted to the D Magazine blog and the other community webpages and sites. As a result, Dena has endeavored to assist Pamela in identifying the source of the comments at the heart of the lawsuit. Dena encourages those who engage in cyber bullying to stop now and instead use their time to engage inpositive behavior that is beneficial to the community.

Dena Miller

Introducing the TEDGlobal speaker lineup

Uncovering corruption with TED

TED Blog

Few sensations feel better than when your mind does a backflip and, all of a sudden, you are suddenly able to see things in new and unexpected ways. At TEDGlobal 2013, themed “Think Again,” you’ll have this feeling often. “The approach we adopted,” explains TEDGlobal curator Bruno Giussani, “is to take a closer look at the global remix happening before our eyes as power shifts, culture and technology intersect, and hopes and anxieties collide. Many things we think we know may have to be reconsidered — and that’s what this program is designed to explore.” With speakers including biologists, economists, neuroscientists, architects, technologists, activists, artists, a “gentleman thief” and the former Prime Minister of Greece, the program is packed with speakers who take bold new looks at the topics that most intrigue us.

TEDGlobal 2013 will take place June 10 to 14, 2013, in Edinburgh, Scotland — one of the…

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Pamela Martin, Chairwoman of the Luxury Marketing Council says “A woman can never have too many bags…


Clutch bags are to die for says Pamela Martin –  I love all of the smart designs that are great compliments your amazing cocktail and evening wardrobe.  Take a look at this Alexander McQueen unicorn and skull clasp clutch bag and this emerald green Lauren Merkin louise lizard embossed clutch both are my current favorites and both available at Neiman Marcus.

Fashion Night Out = Fun Night Out With

It is always bitter sweet when Fashion Night Out rolls around.  FNO signals that the hot nights of a long summer are but a dream and autumn is fast approaching.  With the leaves changing and the night air becoming cool, most cities around the world create their own Fort Nights built around fashion and accessory designers of all kinds. Stores and boutiques roll out the red carpet and in my case  “green” carpet with lots to show and tell about what’s hot in fashion.  Lets take a look at what was going on in Dallas.

Neiman Marcus shows us that pets love fashion too and can be one of our best accessories.  Everyone takes note that Green is super trendy this season its an important color so you should be getting your Green on with Pamela Martin Duarte, Chairwoman Emerita of the Luxury Marketing Council of Texas.

Fashion’s Night Out (Dallas)
Mrs. Texas at Fashion’s Night Out (Dallas)

Philanthropy At Its Finest and A Celebrity Waiter Luncheon at the Ritz Carlton

The Celebrity Waiter Luncheon for Family Gateway is annually the talk of the town and people did we live up to expectations this year! This high energy, high-profile event takes place at the Ritz Carlton ballroom, which is where those that support the gateway converge to let it all hang out literally…Pamela Martin Duarte joined a room full of fellow celebs to bring out the fun and games in the name of charity.

I love this annual event and am very proud to support this organization said Pamela Martin Duarte, Chairwoman Emerita for the Luxury Marketing Council.  Every year along with many friends and local colleagues we come together for the homeless families of Dallas. I am personally touched by the fact that on any night, 3,000 children are on the streets of Dallas.

All in all we are here to have fun and raise money for Family Gateway and all the celebrities look forward to entertaining guests and having a fantastic time on behalf of this worthy cause.

Ok readers fasten your seat belts here we go!

Pamela Martin-Duarte, Jackson, Rhonda Sargent-Chambers and the ever so charming and hilarious Steve Kimball

As the celebs’ official “cocktail hour” I mean celebrity waiter event got underway my dear friend D’Andra Simmons introduced her new boyfriend, Master Sergeant Jeremy Lock to everyone.  Jeremy is a six-time winner of the Military Photographer of the Year. Sorry to report women but with all the madness going on, Matt Nordgren was in the hallway getting friendly with the lovely Sydney Kaplan.

Matt and Sydney
Dallas Cowboy Mark Colombo with One Life to Live actor Ty Treadway
Fans of Family Gateway